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    AVIDICY now at Version 12 (Unlockable Demonstration Here)

{short description of image}What is AVIDICY ?

AVIDICY is a complete AVR development and simulation package for the C language, with the added ability to automatically generate applications with user selected library components linked in to the code. The compiler fully includes the FED C Compiler - you do not need to buy this product separately, and if the front end is turned off AVIDICY behaves exactly like the compiler.

AVIDICY and its environment are based on the well established FED WIZ-C development environment for the PIC, and shares much of the code, the environments are identical in operation, the optimisation, linking and simulation having been significantly changed to support the AVR devices.

Full details of our compiler and devices supported here.

Professional version

AVIDICY is available in professional and normal versions. The professional version offers C source level variable inspectors during simulation, multiple project simulation, assembler projects, simulation history, waveform generator and more. Details here.

How is it used ?

You start by creating a new application. Then select the AVR type and clock frequency from drop down boxes. A picture of the MCU and its pins will be drawn in the application designer.

Drag and drop software components on to the graphic of the MCU. For example if you want an asynchronous serial interface, then just select the icon from the data tab and drop it on to the MCU graphic.

Now when each component is selected it can be connected to the MCU pins by clicking the picture of the component pin and then clicking the MCU pin - they will be joined. Pins can be user named as well to make the code easier to understand. Some components can only be connected to certain pins - they will connect themselves automatically.

Each component has a list of parameters. In the case of our serial element this includes the bit rate. The bit rate is selected from a drop down list, now when the application is generated it will automatically configure the serial element for this bit rate regardless of the MCU type used or oscillator frequency.

Each component has a list of occurrences which may happen. For example a keypad software component has an occurrence when a key is pressed (or repeats). Within AVIDICY you can simply add a list of one or more labels to that occurrence. Now whenever the keypad detects a key press the application designer will ensure that each label is called in turn to handle the keypress.



  • Professional version available
  • Rapid Application Development for the AVR microcontroller using the C language
  • Drag and drop your software component selections on to your design
  • Included components support timers, serial interfaces, I2C, LCD, 7 Seg displays, keypads, switches, port controls, many bus interfaces including IIC and Dallas iButton, AVR Hardware, and many more.
  • Connect software components to MCU pins by point & click using the mouse
  • Set parameters for each component from drop down list boxes, check boxes, or text entry
  • Links your code automatically into library events (e.g. Button Pressed, Byte Received etc.)
  • Automatically generates your base application including full initialisation, interrupt handling and main program loop
  • The complete C Compiler and AVR Simulator programs are integrated into AVIDICY - total editing/compilation/assembly/simulation support in one program
  • Blazingly fast - simulates up to 10 times faster than other Windows based AVR simulators
  • Includes Waveform Analyser - examine your simulation results on a logic analyser style window
  • Also includes the Element Editor to enable you to create your own components with ease.
  • AVIDICY supports all 14 and 18 series 16 bit core AVR's Click here for the complete list

Download a fully unlockable demonstration

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