Avidicy Download

The demonstration copy of AVIDICY including the C Compiler, AVR Simulator and Wave analyser is now available for download ! It can be used to see the complete development cycle and use all the simulation and wave analysis features of AVIDICY. You can unlock the demonstration by email, phone, or fax with your credit card details and start using the program in full very quickly.

The demonstration version includes all the library files, manuals and help files. Click on the links below - if you have problems then right click the link and save the files to a temporary directory on your hard disk from where you can open them as normal.

IMPORTANT - there are three download files. The demonstration manual, the AVIDICY files, and the full AVIDICY Manuals. It is important to download all three - the ZIP file containing the manuals also includes all the help files.

Download the demonstration manual (Approx 400 Kb, PDF format)

Download AVIDICY Demonstration files (Approx 3.00Mb)

Download AVIDICY Manuals (Approx 6.50Mb)

Notes for the demonstration version

The demonstration manual includes the tutorial and should be read whilst evaluating the demonstration. The other two ZIP files should be saved to different temporary directories, the files extracted, and then the two setup programmes run - one for the main files and one for the manuals.

You can uninstall the program afterwards by using Add/Remove programs in the control panel.