Download Free Version

WIZ-C MX Demonstration is now available !

Click here to save  WIZ-C Professional free version ZIP file on to your PC. Then extract all the files from the ZIP file and run setup.exe.

IMPORTANT - Windows 64 bit, Windows 7 users - if the program will not compile, then you may need to install at a top level folder (e.g. C:\WIZC), this will work fine, it is related to administrative privileges on this OS.

If you have problems then right click the link and save the files to a temporary directory on your hard disk from where you can open them as normal.

PLEASE PLEASE read the manual WIZ-C Introductory.pdf which will get you going with a step by step tutorial. This manual is also installed with the setup application.


You can purchase support for the free version here. Alternatively use the support group.


Upgrade your free version to the full version here.