PIC Flex Development Board

FED provide a flexible development board with a large prototyping area..

PIC Flex 2 Development boarPICFlex2 (pricing)

FED are  proud to announce the release of our new flexible development board using SMD for the peripheral components to offer more interface options and support circuitry than ever before.

PIC Flex supports the vast majority of 28 and 40 pin PIC devices. Key features include a large 400 hole prototyping area,  LCD module connections, push buttons, LED’s, transistors, and USB interface, also a Raspberry PI compatible I/O connector

We offer the board pre-built in a number of configurations including USB development systems with PIC and on board programmer.

Key features

  • Supports all standard pin out 16 and 18 series PIC's in 28 or 40 pin packages.
  • Has on board 5v and 3.3V 1A, regulators (Note heat sinking will need to be provided for high dissipation designs).
  • Links provided to support low power battery operation, USB, 3.3V, or 5V main supply.
  • Serial interfaces for standard 3/5 wire serial communications link selectable as DCE or DTE.
    Crystal oscillator
  • All I/O pins available on 0.1” pitch PCB matrix suitable for standard IDC connectors
  • 4 Switches and pull up resistors (with link to allow Switch 4 to drive the PIC reset pin).
  • 4 LED's with resistors
  • 1 NPN and 1 PNP general purpose transistors with base resistors for driving relays, switching higher voltage or higher loads.
  • Power LED with enable
  • Full USB circuitry suitable for applications using USB PIC’s with 28 or 40 pin boards e.g. 18F2550, also included link to switch to allow boot into Microchip USB bootloader.
  • In Circuit Serial Programmer (ICSP) standard 6 pin connector
  • Optional Battery Charger and RS485 interfaces
  • LCD Module power connector and contrast trimmer.
  • Allows for battery or low power operation.
  • Raspberry PI I/O interface suitable for Model A or Model B, version 1 or version 2


Click Here to download the manual


Boards are supplied with DIP socket for PIC, 16MHz crystal (for 16MHz or 64MHz (with PLL) operation), USB socket (power or USB interface), power regulators, LED’s, switches, PI connector, ICSP connector, GP transistors, 5K trimpot (LCD contrast or analogue input).

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