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USBProg Thumb0202  


NEW - USB PIC Key MX, In Circuit programmer, excellent Value for money at only 15.00 (~$25) with WIZ-C MX or 25.00 (~$40) standalone. Connects to standard 6 pin ICD connector and provides In Circuit Debugging interface into the WIZ-C compiler.

We supply a standalone programmer - the USB+ (with ICSP)

You may also be interested in the PIC Development board which supports 28 or 40 pin PIC’s and includes an on board programmer, or optional USB interface

All will work with Windows 7/8 and Windows XP and Vista.

FED started with programmers back in 1995 with our “original” 3 socket PIC programmer which could handle all 6 commonly available devices at the time. We have moved on a bit since then and our latest programmers handle dozens of devices.

In Circuit Debugging (ICD)

Our ICD capability works with all of our assembler and C Compiler products for the PIC including WIZ-C. It is supported by the PIC Key MX programmers. Click here for further information.

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