USB Prog'r+


Our USB+ programmer for PIC's operates on the PC USB port, and requires no additional power supply the programmer application runs under Windows 7, Windows XP and Vista. Programmers are supplied with instructions and programmer application.

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USBProg QtrWeb02

This programmer programs PICmicro® MCU devices in a single 40 pin multi-width ZIF socket. Will program (among others): PIC16C55X, PIC16C6X, PIC16C7X, PIC16C77x, PIC16C74x, PIC16C8x, PIC16F62X(A), PIC16F8X, PIC12C508, PIC12C509, PIC12C67X, PIC12CE67X, PIC 12F6xx, PIC16F87X(A), PIC14000, PIC18CXXX, PIC 18Fxxx and upgradeable to newer devices as they become available. Also allows for In-Circuit programming (ICSP). No external Power supply required.

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