Adds multi-Project support and advanced Simulation Features to our WIZ ASM RAD assembler IDE

The professional version of WIZ-ASM offers the following enhancements allowing the user to:

  • Manage and simulate multiple projects together
  • Connect PIC pins across projects to allow simulated devices to communicate
  • Maintain a history within simulation to back track and determine the past leading up to an event
  • Run a waveform / pattern generator to create complex input stimuli

Multi-Project Management and Simulation. The most powerful upgrade within the professional version is the ability to manage and simulate two or more projects together using PIC's which may be communicating. These projects may use the application designer or switch it off, and can be C or assembler based in a free mix. It is also quite possible to simulate the same code running in two or more communicating devices.

History. The history facility keeps a record of the state of the PIC over the past leading up to the current point. It is very useful for tracking errors, or checking what led to a crash, or reviewing the state of the PIC at specific points - particularly if a very long simulation is to be running when post simulation review can be much faster than waiting for the next breakpoint.ScreenShots

Waveform Generator The Waveform Generator is intended to allow users to design complex data and analogue patterns for injection to the pins of the device under simulation. It is a front end for the FED PIC and AVR development tools. The wizard allows complex data patterns to be input to the PIC, clocks to be generated, or analogue waveforms to be generated for injection into the A/D converter inputs of the PIC. The waveform wizard allows a number of stimulus' to be stored together in one file. One of more of these files may be added to the list of project files and will then be included as simulation input when the program is simulated. ScreenShots

Cost - the professional versions are available in their own right, or as upgrades to existing owners.

WIZ-ASM Professional

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    WIZ-ASM professional(includes full C Compiler) with Introductory manuals (C Manuals on CD) - 45.00

Upgrade to WIZ-ASM Professional for WIZ-ASM owners,10.00
Full support is available for WIZ-ASM pro please see contracted support

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