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In Circuit Debugging

In Circuit Debugging System (ICD) for the PIC16FXX and PIC18Fxxx series

System operates with the PIC KEY MX


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What is In-Circuit Debugging (ICD) ?

 In Circuit Debugging is a technique where a monitor program runs on the PICmicro® MCU in the application circuit. The PIC Key MX connects to the PIC and to the PC. From WIZ-C MX it is then possible to set breakpoints on the PIC, run code, single step, examine registers on the real device
and change their values. The ICD makes debugging real time applications faster, easier and more accurate than simulation tools available for the PIC. The PIC Key has the following features:

  • Supports  PIC Flash series PIC's which have internal debugging hardware *. That’s nearly all the larger or more recent 16F series, and all the 18F series.
  • The same unit allows P16F and 18F series devices to be debugged.
  • Allows real hardware to be examined and programs to be debugged in the application and to be run in real time.
  • Supports up to 3 breakpoints , and program or data breakpoints (when value is read or written from a specific location). These are dependant on device.
  • Supports hardware stopwatch (18FxxJxx and some 18FxxKxx), which allows the time between breakpoints to be measure.
  • The FED ICD requires two I/O pins on the PICmicro® MCU which are the programming pins (usually RB6 and RB7).
  • The PIC Key and Serial+ programmer can make run the ICD protocol using only four connections to the board (MCLR, ground and the two ICD pins).
  • Full stack display and jump to source from stack capability (18F series only)
  • Run, single step and step over, run to cursor line, set PC to any value in the program
  • Trace execution in the original C or Assembler source files
  • Animate operation to trace variables at breakpoints or watch the program executing
  • View and change values of MCU special function and general purpose registers, W and the ports.
  • View device pins and status (Analog/Digital/Input/Output) on the PIC device picture.
  • PIC Key MX will optionaly provide 5V or 3.3V power to the application limited to 500mA (or the USB port Power drive capability).

    * Some devices remain to be supported and are coming soon


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