FED offer 3 levels of support - free support available to all our customers and two levels of paid support (Basic and Full) to those who wish to guarantee that they have the latest versions or response to issues within particular timescales

Free Support

FED will provide updates to our programmer software (used for the serial, USB and ICD PIC Key) free of charge from this download.

Minor version updates to all our other programs are provided free of charge through email and are notified through the support group. We will endeavour to answer all emails referring to our products but cannot guarantee response times (email us).

Basic Support

The Basic level of paid support operates for a 12 month period and applies to a specific program. Basic support provides the following services over and above the free support model :

  1. Minor version updates by self extracting executable supplied by email or available to download should email fail.
  2. Any Major version updates released during the support period will be provided free of charge (A CD and any printed material will be supplied)
  3. Work arounds and resolutions to other user's issues will be emailed.
  4. News releases by eMail

Full Support

The full level of paid support operates for a 12 month period and applies to a specific program. It provides all the services in the Basic support package and adds eMail support*. We will guarantee an intial response within 24 hours and a further follow up including a full resolution, workaround or evaluation within 24 hours if possible, but if not then within 7 days. Full support uses will have their own support email address.

Full support users will also have priority on requests for new device support and will receive a bonus CD with a full example set for all of our programs .

Ordering and Pricing

How To Order

*Support Limitations - we can only provide support for issues relating to our programs - their use, operation or program bugs. We cannot write your software for you or debug errors in your programs developed with our software - however we will endeavour to assist you wherever possible.

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