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Here is a list of some of the major businesses to whom our products have been sold :

Shell, The BBC, Hewlett-Packard , Humax Electronics Co, Siemens, NASA, BAE SYSTEMS, AEA Technology, AEP Systems International, Cambridge University, Oxford University,Baltimore Technologies,BT, Bristol University, Imperial College (about 25 UK universities in total). Custom AutoTech, Innovative Devices, Inc, Microport Computer Electronics Inc, Psion Inc, Bubble Technology Industries Inc

We have sold thousands of C Compilers for micro-processors and controllers - here are just some of the recent customer commendations for our products.... (All are from original emails which are available for inspection)

WIZ-C... I just had to drop a note to say that I have just completed my first project with WIZ-C Professional. It employs a 16F877, with a keypad, LCD, and various sensors and is used within vending machine with a modem to communicate back to a supply warehose. Thanks to the application designer and the C Compiler I finished the project in about a tenth of the time that I would have taken using assembler like I used to with xxxx .... Many thanks for an excellent product. GF UK

USB Programmer and WIZ-C Pro.... Hi, After considering many other alternatives I have ordered it. Just received this USB unit. It is well protected in its metal box (bare pc boards are at risk on my bench...). I also use some other compilers (PicBasic pro/MicroCode Studio plus, Mplab...), was easily integrated. Only programs Pics for now but could/should program other micro/eeprom in the future (are you reading this Robin?). I use Wiz-C pro and like it a lot. The Wave Generator is very usefull and quite unique, and I must add that the service and assistance from Robin Abbott (FED) is excellent as is the dynamic of this group. CG Canada

Development Board... On a different note, it appears my university has discovered the quality of your products, having just ordered some of the 40 pin development boards for use in our MSc Embedded Systems project (a mapping robot). Keep up the good work! TD Herriot Watt University

WIZ-C Pro....The excellent simulator, and the ability to run multiple processors make the complete programme excellent to use. GD UK

PIC C Compiler.... Thank you for your excellent product and expert service. Regards .... PP New Zealand

WIZ-C......Thanks again for creating a great product at an excellent price!!! JM WI USA

WIZ-C.... Your help is much appreciated, and despite the problem here (which I suspect is far more likely me being stupid rather than a bug) I think your program is excellent. NH UK

Serial Programmer... I have been using one of your serial programmers with excellent results so far....LS UK

Serial Programmer... I purchased a Serial PIC programmer from you some 5 years ago which has given excellent service programming. I would now like to upgrade the device.... RA Isle of Wight

WIZ-C....Now all is working, I find the simulation in FED to be excellent. SB - UK

General Support... Your answers were excellent. Thank you. JA - California

WIZ-C Demo...I tried you demo of Wiz-C, a very slick programme, with excellent support documentation IT UK

I have been using you excellent PRO compiler. SA Brazil

WIZ-C...I have just started using the WIZ C and it works excellentlyMJ South Africa

WIZ-C...PS. I've only be using WIZ-C for about 6 weeks and although I've never done any PIC programming I've found it very easy to use and I think it's an excellent product! TF

WIZ-C....Hello FED development Team, As a suggestion, to your excellent development package WIZ-C version 804c. Would it be possible to add a setup parameter within... PG Australia

WIZ-C. Thanks - excellent product