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Standard Libraries

The FED C Compilers (WIZ-C Professional and AVIDICY) comes complete with a number of library routines including :

  • Asynchronous serial port handling
  • Delays & Waiting
  • LCD module handling
  • Infra Red data transfer to IRDA standards
  • Interrupt driven serial communications
  • IIC bus
  • String handling functions
  • Synchronous (clocked) serial data i/o
  • DALLAS one wire bus interface
  • Keypads
  • Maths functions
  • Bootloader for in circuit re-programming
  • Graphic LCD drivers for T6963C device
  • stdio/stdlib/ctype standard libraries
  • printf and varieties
  • Remote control - RC5 standard protocols
  • Sound library for sending sampled WAVE files over the PWM output using internal ROM
    or external EEPROM.