USB Development

FED provide tools to ease the difficult task of implementing USB applications. We offer an add on to the WIZ-C compiler which provides a Serial emulation (CDC) element and library - like all WIZ-C elements it is very easy to use, drag and drop and specify a C function to call when a byte is received or something else happens. The library fully includes USB CDC simulation to check out your USB applications on Windows 2000, XP or Vista.PICFlexMediRes

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We also offer a 18F2550 and 18F4550 (will support other USB 28/40 pin devices) prototyping boards complete with USB in Circuit Programmer application (from Microchip) plus a serial demonstration application.

Prices & Ordering

 The USB library and simulator is included free of charge in the WIZ-C Product. Our PIC Flex 2 development board offers USB interface components.