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C Compilers overview

We offer a variety of ANSI C Compilers for the PIC and AVR devices. Our flagship products for PIC is WIZ-C Professional and for AVR is AVIDICY - the ANSI C Compilers with a rapid application development front end.

They are all supplied in their own complete environment which includes full compilation, assembly and simulation features. All of our compiler support In-Circuit debugging. The compilers can export to the usual MPLAB or AVR Studio tools should users wish to use these.

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More Compiler Information


The FED C Compilers (WIZ-C Professional and Avidicy) are intended for all serious programmers of the AVR or PIC MCU devices who would like the convenience of a high level language together with the speed of assembler. With our C Compiler you no longer have to worry about ROM and RAM paging, you can call to a depth limited only by RAM not by the limited call stack, use 8, 16 or 32 bit arithmetic types (and float) for full precision, and use any of our standard library routines for general purpose data handling and interfacing.

WIZ-C Professional will handle any of the current 14 bit PIC MCU's (12Fxxx, 16Fxxx, PIC14000) plus the PIC18CXXX/PIC18FXXX 16 bit core devices in one application. The AVR version handles standard and Mega devices. All devices are handled by standard C header files.