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The FED PIC C Compiler - WIZ C Professional is intended for all serious programmers of the PICmicro‚® MCU who  would like the convenience of a high level language together with the speed of assembler. With our C Compiler you no longer have to worry about ROM and RAM paging, you can call to a depth limited only by RAM not by the 8 level call  stack, use 8, 16 or 32 bit arithmetic types (and float) for full precision, and  use any of our standard library routines for general purpose data handling and interfacing.

WIZ C Professional will handle any of the current 14 bit PICmicro‚®  MCU's plus the PIC18CXXX/PIC18FXXX 16 bit core devices and future devices may be added by changes to initialisation files aided by a Wizard application (Creator). All devices are handled by standard C header files.

Features :

Designed to ANSI C Standards
Integrated Development Environment
Debugging Support within the environment
Supports full range of PIC and AVR MCU's
Efficient code production
Floating point support
Wide range of library functions

Simulation :

With External Device Simulation
Full simulation support within IDE
Waveform Analyser for external I/O

The  compiler also includes full inline and infunction assembler support and is  supplied with full manuals and examples on CD-ROM. Also our manual "Learn to  program in C with FED"

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