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USB Library

FED offer a USB library option for WIZ-C. This library makes the task of creation of serial communication port based applications as easy as any WIZ-C application - for example a simple USB serial port can be created in 10 lines of code !

  • Supports 18F series devices with USB functionality.
  • Includes the Microchip CDC library converted for the FED WIZ-C Compiler.
  • Includes WIZ-C element for point and click set up of the USB library
  • Examples for WIZ-C and the FED C Compiler included
  • USB terminal simulation is provided to allow complete USB applications to be debugged on the PC before testing on real hardware
  • STI files included to simulate operation of the real hardware and take the device thorugh to teh configured state.
  • Examples work with the Microchip FS Dem USB demonstration boards.

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